At the Museum of Math

“Venn Pirouettes, the Art of Michael Schultheis”

Open January 25, 2020 through April 26, 2020
10:00 am – 5:00 pm (during Museum hours)

Free with Museum admission:

Adult (12+): $18
Child: $15
Student: $15
Senior (60+): $15

National Museum of Mathematics,
11 East 26th Street, New York, NY 10010

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“Venn Pirouettes, the Art of Michael Schultheis” is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures that explores the dynamic relationship between mathematics and human relationships. In this exhibit, the artist presents his three-dimensional mathematical “Venn Sculptures” in tandem with his paintings, transporting viewers into a world where equations and symbols are a timeless and universal language that communicates the evolution of human relationships. “Venn Pirouettes, the Art of Michael Schultheis” explores the math behind the analytical formulae the artist uses as the basis for his paintings and sculptures, which include Venn diagrams, polar curves, ideograms, spherical triangles, conic sections, and cycloids. The featured paintings and “Venn Sculptures” include: Water Lilies of Archimedes, Rings of Pythagoras, Breath of Menelaus, Optics of Euclid, Apollonius Portals, Cycloids of Ceva, Venn Pleasures, Venn Passions, Venn Desires, and Venn Fidelities. The exhibition includes commentary by Schultheis, explaining the nature of the mathematics and human relationships found in each of his artistic creations.