Socrates Sculpture Park

EAF13: 2013 Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition


"Icarus meet Apollo" by EAF13 artist, Diann Bauer

“Icarus meet Apollo” by EAF13 artist, Diann Bauer

Socrates Sculpture Park is pleased to announce the opening of its latest exhibition on Sunday, September 8, from 2-6PM. The EAF13: 2013 Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition showcases site-specific new works by fifteen artists to watch:

Thordis Adalsteinsdottir, Diann Bauer, Michael DeLucia, Tamara Johnson, Anthony Heinz May, David McQueen, Kenneth Pietrobono, Aida Sehović, Sandy Smith, Edouard Steinhauer, Chris Boyd Taylor, Justin Randolph Thompson, Hong-An Truong, Gustabo Velazquez, and Myung Gyun You.
Awarded a 2013 fellowship and summer residency in the park’s outdoor studio, these artists have responded to the park’s unique waterfront and urban environment with conceptual and formal artworks that are visually compelling, subtly mysterious and, at times, provocative. Local and global subjects are presented alongside one another, with topics such as the history, ecology, and panorama of the park confronting broader topics of international politics, militarization, and culture. Rather than being a zeitgeist or thematic exhibition, each artist has a distinct artwork (and in some cases, performance) that embodies his or her innovative exploration of sculpture in the public realm. EAF13 will remain on view through March 31, 2014.


OPENING SUNDAY, SEPT 8, FROM 2-6PM, with opening day programs:

– Participatory obstacle challenge

by Aida Sehović: 4:00-5:00pm

– Brutus Jones performance

by Justin Randolph Thompson: 5:00-5:30pm