128 East 63rd Street, New York, NY 10065

“…to promote and stimulate interest in the art of illustration, past, present and future, and to give impetus generally toward high ideals in the art by means of exhibitions, lectures, educational programs, social intercourse, and in such other ways as may seem advisable.”

Founded on February 1, 1901, the Museum of American Illustration, Society of Illustrators’ permanent collection is made up of 100s of works of art by many accomplished and celebrated artists. The Museum also has quite a variety of exhibitions which are comprised of contemporary, historical, group and other shows and forms of display. As well, there is an annual Student Scholarship and Government Service Show. This Annual Exhibition lasts for about eight weeks and is a comprehensive retrospective of the best of the preceding year’s illustration. It attracts thousands of visitors.

To learn more about the Museum of Illustration, its history and whats available there, visit their site.