Inwood Hill / Isham Park in Northern Manhattan, New York City

Inwood Hill Park

New York, NY 10034

At the northern tip of Manhattan you’ll find Inwood/Isham Parks…More of a neighborhood-sort-of-park, this beautiful piece of land is just where you’ll find some really great scenery. As a backdrop, you’ve got the meeting of the Hudson & Harlem Rivers and in the short distance, the Hudson River Bridge and New Jersey’s palisades just behind.

This park is considered to be the last remaining natural woodland in NYC. There are trails that go deep into the park. ‘Boy do they go deep and high! If you’re interested then go ahead…’but be sure you’re ready for a long hike uphill since the trails run at a pretty steep incline at some parts and go on and on and on. I tried accessing the Henry Hudson Bridge from within the park but couldn’t find it. ‘Actually, I got scared I’d get myself in a situation I couldn’t get myself out of. But that of course doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try yourself. I’m simply scared of narrow trails at the top of steep hills.

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