Inspiration in Lower Manhattan – Photo Feature

Lower Manhattan Inspiring Sunset

There are many facets of our lives which bring inspiration to our dear hearts and is there any question that a sunset would be one of them? Aside from its beauty, especially so as seen from the right location, there’s the reminder that it’s the end of one’s day with another fast approaching. As the passage of time takes hold we’re met with the solace that this new day brings with it new opportunities to right wrongs and start anew. Some of us, (actually, many of us) continue in our habits of not forgiving our pasts and holding on to what’s done as if the notions of such actions and passings were proverbially written in¬† stone; yet they are not. We’ve every chance (not merely with the start of a new day but with every passing hour, minute, second and moment) to begin anew. Remember, there is only the now since the past is merely that: passed; and the future, well, it’s never quite arrived, has it?

Photo above was taken in September 2018 during a chance stroll we’d taken in the Brookfield Plaza (previously known as the World Financial Center) area found behind the WTC site. The sun you see is setting over the state of New Jersey which lies just beyond the Hudson River.