Harlem Meer Inspiring Peaceful Winter Scene – Photo Feature

Harlem Meer Inspiring Peaceful Winter Scene

It’s a perplexing thing how so many in this world will avoid the conflicts to be found within life in the presumed pursuit of peace; thinking how that’d be one way to attain the serenity that the countless souls out there desire. Doubly unfortunate is how one might not realize how peace is attained from within. There are many a tale about individuals living and surviving through the worst of conditions who manage to survive in spite of the suffering. These are individuals who come out on the other side whole and at peace. Therein lies the lesson. You can be at peace despite your surroundings. Something all too many in this city of New York fail to grasp.

This photo was taken a year prior to its posting in this month of February, 2019. Twice this month, in 2018, we experienced extraordinarily warm temperatures and both times, yours truly, was fortunate to have been in this part of Central Park (Harlem Meer) located at the northern end. It’s truly a beautiful area no matter the weather or the time of year.