Governor Cuomo: Hand Sanitizers to be produced and distributed to NY Residents Free of Charge

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo announces the production and free distribution of hand sanitzer in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Farther down on this page can be found the corresponding video to the Coronavirus conference held by the Governor of New York State.

On Monday, March 9, 2020 New York Governor announced that the state would provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer to New Yorkers free of charge. In light of the price-gouging that has been going on as well as the lack of supplies on store shelves the state would produce up to 100,000 gallons of hand sanitizer each week in 1.7 ounce, 7 ounce and gallon bottles. These containers would be made available to NY residents free of charge. The distribution thereof would be prioritized upon those most affected in high risk communities.

Governor Andrew Cuomo:

“As the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus continues to rise, unscrupulous retailers are exploiting New Yorkers’ anxieties about the virus and charging exorbitant prices for hand sanitizer and other similar products,”

“To solve this problem, the state is producing and deploying hand sanitizer to high impact areas as well as schools, the MTA and other government agencies because you can’t get it on the market and the product that is available is very expensive. The biggest problem we have in this situation is fear, not the virus itself, and I’m once again reminding everyone to focus on the facts because the facts do not warrant the level of anxiety we are seeing.”