German American Von Steuben Day Parade – New York City, NYC : September 16, 2017

New York City’s Von Steuben Day Parade

Saturday, Sept. 16
12 Noon 

Fifth Avenue, 65th Street to 86th Street 

Grand Stand at 79th Street ($15)

German-FlagThe Annual German-American Steuben Parade. A Previous Year’s Grand Marshalls were: John Ratzenberger, Klaus Wowereit, Contessa Brewer. Stay tuned for details concerning this year’s honorees.

Believe it or not this happens to be one of New Yorkled’s favorite parades. Every year when we get a chance we sneak on up to the steps in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Prime Viewing! Oh no! I gave it away. Nonetheless, you should show up for this parade and get a glimpse of all the costumes, dancing, marching and music.

Steuben, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin, Baron von (1730-94), Prussian-American general of the American revolutionary army, born in Magdeburg, Prussia (now Germany). He fought with distinction in the Seven Years’ War (1756-63) and arrived at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1778, offering his services to Congress and to the Continental Army and its commander, George Washington. He was appointed inspector general, prepared a manual of tactics for the army, remodeled its organization, organized an efficient staff, and improved its discipline. In 1780 he sat on the court-martial of the British army officer Major John André, who was charged with espionage. In the same year he took part, as a major general, in the siege of Yorktown. After the war he received grants of land from several states, and finally Congress voted him a pension of $2400. He became an American citizen in 1783.

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