Featured Images from the American Photos Group at Facebook

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Our FB group, American Photos features members from all across America who are kind enough to demonstrate the scenes they’ve captured in their every day travels. Scenes as captured through photography. Here on this page are photos most recently chosen for the group’s banner. Each image is the property of each respective photographer whose name appears alongside each one. It’s with their permission that these appear on this page and we ask that you in turn respect their rights as the proper owners of each photo.

Should you wish to join our friendly group then why not pay us a visit and join in the fun!?

Laura Jean Comtois – June 2020

Goat Island Lighthouse, such a little light that shines so bright~ Newport, RI...

Jun Zhao – June 2020

Tore Woodall – May 2020

Property of Tore Woodall...


David Molinares – May 2020

"Somewhere in New York City..." / Property of David Molinares...


William Moore – April 2020

Property of William Moore...


Dan Remillard – April 2020

"Florida Sun" / Property of Dan Remillard...


Henry Hernandez – March 2020

"The Budding Geranium..." (The Struggle Of Life...) / Property of Henry Hernandez...


Freny Sagaydoro – March 2020

"When you get caught between the moon and New York City" / Property of Freny Sagaydoro...


Robin LaCicero – March 2020

""Sunrise at the beach high winds huge waves and lots of color in House of Refugee"" / Property of Robin LaCicero...