Verdi’s Falstaff – Opera Company of Brooklyn (OCB) Presents Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) Opera Series – Saturday’s at 7PM in Inwood, Manhattan

Private residence in Inwood, NY, NY 10034, 1 Train to 215 or A train to 207

Verdi’s Falstaff

Saturday, May 9

Benjamin Bloomfield, Falstaff
Meredith Mecum, Alice Ford
Gerald Yarbray, Ford (David Tapp)
Melissa Serluco, Meg Page
Scott Tomlinson, Pistola
Helena Brown, Mistress Quickly
Aine Hakamatsuka, Nanetta (Yuko Tsuda) (Lianne Aharony)
Jonathan Brinson, Fenton
David Gordon, Dr. Caius (Dante Lucio Zuccaro)
Jesús Rodríguez (Dante Lucio Zuccaro), Bardolpho
Ming Kwong, Pianist
Jay Meetze, Conductor

The Opera Company of Brooklyn’s famous Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) Opera Series returns. Enjoy drinks and experience opera in a casual, unique setting. FREE DRINK AT INDIAN ROAD CAFE FOLLOWING ALL SHOWS! Buy seats in advance and receive the exact address via email. Tickets: $35 each, Students are $25 each. Limited specials: 2 adults for $50, 2 students for $40 **You will not need to join PayPal in order to purchase tickets, you can proceed as a guest. All shows are at a private residence in Inwood, Manhattan, 10034, 1 train to 215 or A train to 207. You may also reserve seats by sending checks to OCB, 33 Indian Road, 1G, NY, NY 10034. REMEMBER TO BYOB  AND WE HAVE THE CUPS AND SNACKS!