MPTP Productions Int’l and The Dwyer Cultural Center Presents Down To Eartha

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    April 19, 2020 all-day
    The Dwyer Cultural Center
    West 123rd Street
    258 St Nicholas Ave, New York
    NY 10027
    MPTP Productions Int'l

    MPTP Productions Int’l and The Dwyer Cultural Center Presents Down To Eartha

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    Starring Dierdra McDowell as Eartha Kitt
    Directed by Marishka S. Phillips
    Associate Producer Mike Branch
    Sponsored by Miss Jessie’s and Dwyer Cultural Center in association with MPTP Productions International

    In 1968 while at the height of her career as a world-renowned entertainer, Eartha Kitt was also working as one of the main lobbyists for a group of young activists called the Rebels With A Cause. During this time, Miss Kitt was then invited to the White House by Lady Bird Johnson to partake in a women’s luncheon to discuss the issue of the rising crime rates in America. At the luncheon however, when Eartha stood up and expressed her views, stating that the increase in crime was mostly due to America’s involvement in the Vietnam War, Lady Bird Johnson was personally insulted by the comment and shortly after, by order of President Lyndon Johnson, Eartha Kitt was blacklisted from work in the United States for the following 10 years! DOWN TO EARTHA is a one-woman show written and performed by Dierdra McDowell, and directed by Marishka S. Phillips. In one act filled with drama and music, this play explores Eartha Kitts personal re-encounter of that fateful day in detail. It also delves into her personal journey back to her power and freedom. Stemming from a life ridden with years of child abuse, Eartha’s personal journey proves to be at times a nightmare of a hurdle! It is one that could only be conquered by the power of love.

    Following each show, a special reception will follow with complimentary snacks and champagne.