Brooklyn Historical Society Feature: Hidden Brooklyn: Antique Car Collection

Brooklyn Historical Society Feature:

Hidden Brooklyn: Antique Car Collection

Antique Car

Thursday, June 5th

$15/$10 for BHS Members

Explore Lenny Shiller’s collection of 60-plus antique vehicles in BHS’s inaugural Hidden Brooklyn program. This new series takes you behind the scenes for a view of a uniquely Brooklyn site not generally open to the public.

Wander through Mr. Shiller’s impressive collection, including a 1929 Durant rumble-seat coupe, a 1953 Packard convertible, and a 1947 International soda truck, all housed in his huge Gowanus warehouse that was once a gigantic oven. Mr. Shiller’s vehicles and his tales of collecting are not to be missed!

Please note: meeting location will be emailed upon ticket purchase

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