Brer Rabbit: The Opera (work-in-progress)

Performances: Jan 22 & 23

8:00 pm

Brer Rabbit The Opera: A Funky Meditation On Gentrification (Work-in-Progress) is an exploration of tricksterism, techno-animism and urban survival techniques, that tackles the modern dilemma of gentrification through the lens of legendary black folklore hero, Brer Rabbit, and his birthplace, the Briar Patch. A collaboration by performance artist Aisha Cousins, musician Greg Tate, and Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, Brer Rabbit The Opera will merge music, performance art, and community engagement to create a final piece that engages BRIC visitors of all cultures in reflecting on the life lessons our respective Briar Patches have taught us.

PLEASE NOTE: This performance contains adult material that is not appropriate for children.