ARTIST CO-OP 2019 Exhibition at Jamaica Arts Center

November 21, 2019 – January 25, 2020 all-day
161-04 Jamaica Avenue
Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning

ARTIST CO-OP 2019 Exhibition

November 21, 2019 – January 25, 2020

Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL) proudly presents ARTIST CO-OP 2019. Once a membership-based program, JCAL’s Artist Co-Op has been reborn as the center’s annual exhibition featuring emerging and mid-career artists from around the borough of Queens and NYC. The goal of the exhibition – to reflect the diversity, talent, and quality of work in the Visual Arts of Queens.

Since its founding, JCAL has supported the creation and presentation of local, emerging, and established artists. JCAL serves visual and performing artists by providing free/low-cost work and exhibition space. It has exhibited renowned artists such as Romare Bearden, Isamu Noguchi, and Elizabeth Catlett, and has provided residencies to artists like Lorenzo Pace, Lorna Simpson, and Wangechi Mutu, during the early stages of their careers.

This year’s Artists Co-Op 2019 exhibition features paintings, mixed media works, sculptures, and installations by a group of top emerging artists: Victoria Accardi, Albany Andaluz, Sharela Bonfield, Jinyong Choi, John Day, Magali Duzant, Tali Margolin, Dario Mohr, Robbii Wessen, Katie M. Westmoreland, Xiying Yang, Jiawei Zhao.

The exhibition opened on November 21, 2019, and will remain open to the public through January 25, 2020, at The Miller Gallery. On Tuesday, December 10 at 7 PM, the Gallery will host an artist talk – an opportunity for the public to learn more about the artists and their works.