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Eight of the Best things about Summer in New York City

Eight of the Best things about Summer in New York City


Aside from the massive crowd attracting Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular taking place every fourth of July there are, as well, the numerous other Pyrotechnic shows taking place throughout the city. Let see, there are the New York Philharmonic concerts going on at various parks with fireworks following each performance; and there are the weekly displays down by Lunar Park in Coney Island along with the other occasional celebratory event going on here and there. New Yorkled’s been to enough of these to know how wonderful they can be.

Swimming Pools

Throughout our five boroughs are the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation managed facilities. Offering free public outdoor pools to all. With over 50 such locales who can ever complain that there’s not some way of cooling down when the temperatures rise high above, as they so often do, in the hot months of Summer? Get your beach balls and swim suits ready!


According to the Parks Department they’ve got 14 miles worth of beaches to tend to through nine sand bound sites.  Millions upon millions of our fellow New Yorkers head to these spots every year. Despite our own love for the water we’ve never been a big fan of the beach. Our city parks have always been our thing, but heck, that’s what makes the work go ’round aye? There’s something for everyone in the Big Apple.

Street Fairs / Festivals

Folks in NYC head to these outdoor fairs in droves. Plenty of wares and other items for purchase to be found at any one of the dozens of street fairs going on in town. Usually taking place on Saturdays and Sundays there’s a great deal of browsing to do; and let’s not forget all the food stands and the occasional performance. We tend to make our way to these events at least a few times every Summer despite the crowds. Visit New Yorkled’s Street Fests Page to see what’s listed and you’re likely to find something near your locale.

Outdoor Films

On our Free Outdoor Cinema/Film Screenings calendar we’ve got dozens of free film showings listed within. How cool is that!? There’s the HBO film fest at Bryant Park; the Outdoor Cinema at Socrates Sculpture Park; the Central Park film fest and many more! Some of them offer free popcorn, seating and/or a lawn on which to lay out your blanket.

Shakespeare Performances

What would the season in our city be without actors performing some of the Great Bard’s own works? One that really stands out would be the Classical Theatre that’ll have you following the actors as they walk and run about. No wonder it was once titled, ‘Shakespeare on the Run’. There’s also the famous Shakespeare in the Park productions taking place at the Delacorte Theater, in Central Park. An affair which has been going strong since the near middle of the last century! There are others well, and you can learn about them at our Shakespeare Performances Page. Keep in mind that everything out there isn’t all Shakespeare.

Free Outdoor Music Performances

Manhattan and the other boroughs of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island are set afire every mid-year season with the arts. Especially through the many free concert and other music contributions from artists of all levels and sorts. It’s really something people around here look forward to and if calming or exciting tunes is your thing then you should be interested as well. Have a look at our Free / Cheap Music Page to see what’s going on!

Heat…the Occasional Stifling Heat!

Last and but not least would be the heatwaves we go through occasionally. We’d be in rare form to go through the season without a heat wave or two, or three. Surely not my fave thing but we can appreciate how some individuals prefer hot days over cold ones and if you happen to fit the bill then Summer in New York City is your cup of tea!

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