Days of COVID-19 Photo Journal: The Ghostly Emptiness of Midtown Manhattan

Days of COVID-19 Photo Journal: The Ghostly Emptiness of Midtown Manhattan

On March 30, 2020 I had to make my way across midtown Manhattan after having attended the press conference for the USNS Comfort’s arrival. I’d already traveled through part of the area, earlier in the day, and I was surprised to find it just as empty in the midday hour as it was in the morn.

Being a native New Yorker I’ve always dreamed of a time when I’d have the city all to myself. More so considering my love of photography. With all the daily hubbub of tourists and folks going to and fro, the hustle and bustle of a city like this isn’t as thrilling as some romantics might think. Never could I imagine my missing it.

Such was the case with my stroll from the West Side Highway to the 6 train subway stop at 50th Street. Streets had some bit of life on a few main, residential avenues but that only lasted so long. From 9th avenue all the way to Lexington had me feeling as if I were in the middle of a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode. I nearly shed a tear at one point considering the heartbreaking notion: That which we’re living through is NOT a dream, but rather a nightmare.

Photos on this page were taken with a smartphone mind you.

The only time I’ve ever seen a street  like this is just prior to the beginning of parade.

Times Square at 10:00 am

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50th Street heading towards 6th Avenue at just past Noon

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Barely a soul in sight within the Rockefeller Center Area

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I couldn’t believe how there was ice on the Rockefeller Rink. Those few individuals you might be able to see on the other side? Rockefeller Center workers. I inserted myself into their conversation about the Governor’s declaration that a lockdown would last a bit longer. I told them it would last much much longer than that.

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Down the block from St. Patrick’s Cathedral