Days of COVID-19 Crime Stats for New York City – Week Ending April 19

As in past postings over the recent weeks, we’re continuing our coverage of NYPD crime statistics as they apply to Major Felony Offenses. What we’ve found is that with the exception of Burglary, Grand Larceny Auto and Murder, everything is continually much lower when compared to the same time range from 2019.

The week we’re going over: April 13 – 19, 2020

Murder is the same as the previous week but still above 2019 numbers.

Beginning with Murder, a total of 10 occurred across the city which is exactly the same as the week prior. Compared with 5 murders in 2019 it amounts to a 100% increase. The prior week (April 6 – 12), compared with 2019, was 150%.

Grand Larceny Auto…nothing remarkable.

For the latest week there was no remarkable change from the previous week except for a moderate dip in the number of occurrences. There were 137 citywide occurrences compared to 144 for the previous week. This latest number cuts short this crime’s upward trend for the past month. Interestingly, the percentile comparison to 2019 for this latest week and the last one are very close. There was a 48.5% increase for the week ending on April 12 when compared to 2019. For the week ending April 19 that increase comes to 50.5%.

In as far as individual boroughs are concerned, the Bronx’ numbers were cut in half as you can see in the chart below.

Burglary mildly continues its upward trend

For five weeks, from the week ending on March 22 to the week ending on April 19, Burglary has continued to rise.

March 16 – 22: 173
March 23 – 29: 204
March 30 – April 5: 219
April 6 – April 12: 244
April 13 – April 19: 259

Yet, just as with Grand Larceny Auto, the percentile as compared with 2019 for the last two week periods are extraordinarily close. There was a 37.1% increase for the week ending April 12 compared with 2019 and 36.3% increase for the week ending April 19 compared with 2019. That’s 37.1% and 36.3%.

Once again, just as we observed for our last review, the bulk of burglaries were for Commercial Properties at Night.

As we’ve stated in the past. It would be most interesting to keep an eye on all these numbers. That is, for the sake of seeing how things change as the weather gets warmer and as we near the days during and beyond New York City’s gradual exit from this crisis.

Thanks and please stay safe.