Autumn at Bear Mountain State Park Photo Feature

Autumn at Bear Mountain State Park Photo Feature

Had taken a drive up to the top of Bear Mountain just this week and the colors along the way up were really wonderful. Although not as wonderful as can be expected considering how the foliage in the area is somewhat spotty despite the appearance of past peak colors and partial bareness as indicated in one of the photos on this page.

We’re big fans of this mountain and for any of you who’ve followed our postings over the years you’d know that we’ve revisited the area usually 3-5 times a year. So it kind of goes without saying that we’ll be returning yet again soon.

Below you’ll find a quickly shared small set of photos taken during our trip. Three of them feature the view from the very top of Bear Mountain at which the winds were blustery and the temperatures oddly warm. Didn’t do a good job of capturing the overall foliage of the neighboring Harriman State Park or other natural features but as I mentioned, it’s very patchy with some areas seemingly far from peak and some past peak. The fourth photo in the set features the Perkins Memorial Drive on our way up to the peak at Bear Mountain. This would be the photo mentioned above. Note how some trees are bare and how most of the trees are yellow as if past peak.

Definitely more to come at a later date folks!

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