Autumn’s Arrival in Yonkers

Living north of New York City brings with it the chance to see the arrival of the Fall season a bit more brightly than in most other areas around the city’s boroughs.

Sure enough, one of our favorite pit-stops in the area would be Stew Leonards (in Yonkers, NY) right after they pull out the red carpet for the coming season. After a visit there, one sure as heck wouldn’t need a calendar to know what time of the year it is.

Just outside their entrance, the ‘pumpkin patch’ sign topped off with a giant pumpkin calls out to one and all. You just know there’s some autumnal-goodness waiting for you as you walk up from the parking lot. As you’ll see from the photo collection below, they’ve got big stock of pumpkins along with plenty of giant gourds and Halloween decorations. It’s enough to bring out the kid in us all. If memory serves me well, then it’ll all become a slight bit more intense as we near October 31.

Should you be interested they’re located at 1 Stew Leonard Drive, Yonkers, NY

We’ll be sure to share other related items from our travels since, after all, we’ll be on the hunt for foliage and anything else related to the season.