At Emhurst Hospital, “From this Point on, Donuts are Health Food”, kids Mayor de Blasio

At Emhurst Hospital, “From this Point on, Donuts are Health Food”, kids Mayor de Blasio

He’d ask to be updated of the time as we neared the seven o’clock hour with a somewhat playful vigor. When the time arrived, the fire fighters in the street would cheer and sound off their truck’s horns, nearby members of the military would join in as would the NYPD.

The mayor has been showing up at numerous sites throughout the city in light of the work being done to help our fellow New Yorkers. The day prior he’d be handing out care packages to the front line heroes at Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn. This day he would be in Elmhurst, Queens to cheer on the staff of Elmhurst Hospital.

The hospital and the areas of Central Queens which it caters to were both, at one point, considered to be the most hardest hit sections and hospitals of New York City. The city itself has already been the epicenter of the national crisis.

“The eyes of the world have been on you and you’ve been heroic and everyone has seen the very best, you’ve been the very best, you really have been,” the Mayor said.

National Guardsmen would show up with a rolling tray filled with donuts and other items. The Mayor would take hold and proclaim, “I’ve got an official announcement. From this point on, Donuts are considered health food!” The crowd would erupt in laughter. “You can eat as many donuts as you want and they’ll give you zero calories.”

It would appear that laughter was a thing much needed and welcomed by the health staff at Elmhurst. The rich laughter emanating from all present was infectious, as were the many smiles.

“Everyone, thank you. God Bless You. – This is all going to be over one day and you’re going to be considered as some of the greatest heroes in this country,“ Said the Mayor.