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Featured Images from the American Photos Group at Facebook

About this page

Our FB group, American Photos features members from all across America who are kind enough to demonstrate the scenes they’ve captured in their every day travels. Scenes as captured through photography. Here on this page are photos most recently chosen for the group’s banner. Each image is the property of each respective photographer whose name appears alongside each one. It’s with their permission that these appear on this page and we ask that you in turn respect their rights as the proper owners of each photo.

Should you wish to join our friendly group then why not pay us a visit and join in the fun!?

Roman Kruglov - May 17

Roman Kruglov

At Central Park
Property of Roman Kruglov

Kath French Gallier - May 12

Kath French Gallier

Tulip Field ~ Skagit Valley, WA
Property of Kath French Gallier

Megan Connelly Accardi - May 7

Megan Connelly Accardi

Sunset, Chincoteague, VA
Property of Megan Connelly Accardi

Moises Baez - May 1

Moises Baez

Double-crested Cormorant. Looks like a Dragon! Queue the GOT Theme!
Property of Moises Baez

Patti McGinley - April 27

Patti MicGinley

An old Albany farm house NY
Property of Patti McGinley

Gary Crowe - April 22

Gary Crowe

Property of Gary Crowe

Victor Negrin - April 17

Victor Negrin

Property of Victor Negrin

Gilbert Lopez - April 10

Gilbert Lopez

Fort Hamilton and Verrazano Bridge, New York
Property of Gilbert Lopez