The Elephant Pen at Theater for the New City

Theater for the New City

The Elephant Pen

Jul 09, 2016 through Jul 17, 2016 Limited Engagement

Price: $18.00
Seating: General Admission
Capacity: 65

When a baby elephant is trained for the circus, they pound and iron steak into the ground with an iron chain attached and clamp the chain to one of the elephants ankles. He cannot break free. With a fully grown behemoth, the same procedure is followed. He will not break free, though he easily has the capacity to do so-he will not because the belief that he cannot is still firmly imprinted. How deeply ingrained are our own mental chains and how do those chains affect our own decisions?

On a dark day as lightning cracks, thunder booms and a driving rain threatens, a strange man carrying an ominous looking large black satchel appears at the door of a well established African American doctor. The doctor is enjoying a day off in the comfort of the home he has created for himself. The man entreats the doctor to give him shelter from the storm. What’s in the large black satchel? We all want to know, or do we? How will the doctor answer the man’s entreaty? What will his decision be? What ensues from his decision is a bone chilling psychological thriller, a mental game of predator and prey. “The Elephant Pen” is guaranteed to disturb your mind as you watch it, but more importantly, question your mind long afterwards. Written By: Etienne Lepage Directed By Lissa Moira Adapted + Translated by Philippe “Keb” Blanchard Starring: George Isaacs + Larry Johnson