Apr 19 2013

Hudson River Park Needs Our Support – Aiming for the Hudson River Park Neighborhood Improvement District

Hudson River Park Needs Our Support

Hudson River Park is at the West Side’s front door, providing a great amenity to all those who live in the surrounding neighborhoods. The Park provides five miles of immaculately designed and landscaped parkland, free programming, and the most diverse activities of any park in New York City.

Yet Hudson River Park receives NO operating money from the City or the State.

Friends of Hudson River Park and Hudson River Park Trust have been working collaboratively to find new and creative ways to help finance the Park including general fundraising, our Adopt a Tree program, Pier Membership, beautification funds, and other philanthropic programs in the works.

Even with these efforts, the Park still needs additional help so that you, your family, and future generations can continue to enjoy this great asset, and see it completed.

That is why we are working to create The Hudson River Park Neighborhood Improvement District (NID), which will go a long way towards helping support the Park’s maintenance and operations. The NID will provide $10 million annually by asking local businesses and property owners to pay a very modest annual assessment to help reach our goals.

These dollars will support:

  • Maintenance and operations for the Park, including beautification, landscaping, programing, and public safety
  • Improved access to the Park, including better signage and safer crosswalks
  • Beautification and landscaping of the highway medians and the bikeways

In order for this NID to become a reality and the Park to receive the funding it needs, we need your support. So please take a moment to SIGN THE PETITION.

For more information on this important project please visit: www.HRPNID.org