Announcing Wild Edibles Plus “Wildman” Steve Brill’s Foraging App Expands with a Dedicated iPad Version

By March 6, 2013Announcements

Announcing Wild Edibles Plus

“Wildman” Steve Brill’s Foraging App Expands with a Dedicated iPad Version

Steve Brill App Promo ImageNaturalist, author, and environmental educator “Wildman” Steve Brill, America’s go-to guy for foraging, has just released a dedicated iPad foraging app, Wild Edibles Plus.

This app gives users the best in-depth information you’ll need to identify, ecologically harvest, and use 167 of the best wild edible and medicinal plants of Eastern North America, plus essential details of 57 similar-looking edible, inedible, and poisonous species.
“This app goes way beyond any foraging books, even my own,” says Brill. “Instead of one or two snapshots of a plant, you get up to 9 detailed, high-resolution photos, drawings, and paintings of each species, 877 images in all! You can examine all parts of these valuable wild foods and see what they look like throughout the seasons. If you spread your fingers apart, you even get highly magnified views of a plant’s components. This invaluable aid to recognizing and identifying wild plants, which makes print field guides cumbersome and incomplete in comparison, simply isn’t available anywhere else.

Plants are easily searchable through a number of different filters (season, habitat, plant type, part used,) and they’re also arranged alphabetically, for easy access in the field. Each herb, green, shoot, fruit, berry, nut, seed, root, or seaweed contains detailed identification info, a checklist of critical features, how to spot the plant in the first place, scientific and common names, parts used, food uses, seasons, range, habitats, poisonous and non-poisonous look-alikes, related species, cautions, and clarification of any confusion. You’ll also find out whether the plant is a common, renewable “weed,” or where it might be rare and unsuitable for harvesting.
The focus is on Eastern species, but half of the plants, and many very similar edible relatives which the app describes in brief, grow across the country.

“Wildman” provides his practical tips (and quips) for harvesting and using the plants (“Never pull out a cattail if there’s an animal rights activist watching,” or “Wild blackberries are so good, you’ll eat as many as you can, even if you use an iPhone,”) plus complete practical details about harvesting and preparing them.
Over 877 scrumptious, healthful, vegan recipes, from simple ones such as Garlicky Chickweed with Penne to elaborate creations like Black Forest Cake with Wild Cherries, grace this app’s electrons. “Wildman” has been recognized as America’s top foraging expert for decades, and this has overshadowed his Brill-iant innovations with wild and vegan whole food dishes, which you’ll appreciate fully as soon as you try his Wild American Persimmon Ice Cream, or his unbelievably realistic Cow Parsnip Meatless Loaf (but not if you eat them both at once!).

The medicinal uses of the wild plants also get full coverage, from safe and practical traditional home remedies, to explanations of the latest cutting-edge pharmacological and nutritional research. And the naturalist differentiates between what’s been proven to work safely and effectively, where research is lacking, and what might be dangerous to try.
A big advantage of having this massive amount of information in an app is that you can use it whichever way works best for you. You can look up plants alphabetically, by season, or by habitat. You can even find the best toxic species to gather in case the boss drops over for dinner.
You can use it as a cutting-edge vegan cookbook for wild foods or store-bought alternatives, or just sit back and browse through “Wildman’s” unique botanical paintings and drawings, which rival anything created by 19th-century naturalists. In addition, a detailed introduction to foraging and a glossary of botanical terms are as close as a tap of the finger.

Crafted by skilled designers and programmers from the Detroit-based group WinterRoot, this movable feast is a work in progress, with even more exciting features, species, and pictures already in the pipeline for future updates.

Wild Edibles Plus, “Wildman” Steve Brill’s master foraging app, is now available for all iPads at $9.99. Free downloads are available for the press
from “Wildman” upon request. Other versions, including a free lite one, are available for the iPhone and for Android devices. For further information, please contact “Wildman” at (914) 835-2153 or visit