Twenty-second Annual Maundy Thursday Reading of Dante’s Inferno

    April 2, 2015 all-day
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    The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
    1047 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10025

    The Cathedral Of St. John The Divine Hosts Annual

    Twenty-second Annual Maundy Thursday Reading of Dante’s Inferno

    Thursday, April 2

    9 p.m. – 12:00 midnight

    Dante Inferno - Cathedral of St JohnThe Cathedral of St. John the Divine
    1047 Amsterdam Avenue (at 112th Street)

    Join hundreds of other poetry lovers to celebrate the 22nd annual Maundy Thursday reading of Dante’s Inferno, Thursday, April 2nd from 9 p.m. to midnight at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine; 1047 Amsterdam Avenue (at 112th Street), Manhattan.

    This longtime tradition has called thousands of New Yorkers to descend into Dante Alighieri’s literary hellscape. The annual reading of selections from the Inferno brings poets and friends into the “dark woods” of Dante’s haunting vision to hear the unforgettable descriptions of sin, torment, hell and, woven through it all, love.

    This dramatic literary event will be held in the Crossing of the Cathedral with selected Cantos read by honored guests, distinguished poets, eminent translators, visiting scholars, and Inferno reading regulars. The readers will recite excerpts from Dante’s classic work during the Maundy Thursday vigil, reenacting the epic’s spiritual journey, set during the hours leading to Easter Sunday. Joining Marilyn Nelson, the Cathedral’s Poet in Residence, for this year’s reading will be noted authors, artists and performers, including Annie Finch and Cynthia Zarin. At the midnight reception following the program, participants and guests will raise a glass to the power of language, sustained through time and translation.

    The event is open to the public; however, a $10 donation at the door is appreciated.

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