Thinking About Facism

    Thinking About Facism

    Sunday, May 8

    Dr. Joseph Chuman, Leader

    Sunday Platforms at the New York Society For Ethical Culture, at 11:00 am
    2 West 64th Street

    Free and Open to the Public

    “I am not the only one to believe that we are in a dangerous political moment. The mainline press has become comfortable in describing utterances characteristic of this election cycle as “demagoguery.”  Some have even invoked “fascism” to describe the disposition, ambiance and positions of Republicans who are vying to become the leaders of the free world. It is this that I feel impelled to discuss in that our times don’t permit me to remain silent. Clearly we detect resonances to fascism. But just as clearly fascism is an emotionally explosive term drawing a direct line to Mussolini and Nazism.

    The philosopher, George Santayana, said, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”  But how to employ history to the present, or to predict the future, is very tricky business. Though there are enough similarities to make us very uncomfortable, mid-twentieth century Europe is not twenty-first century America, and the differences should forestall rash conclusions. Yet…  In my address of May 8th, I will take a look at fascism as I seek to determine whether the category fits the current aspirants to the world most powerful office.”