The Heroes Heart Monument Comes to Grand Army Plaza

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    The Heroes Heart Monument Comes to Grand Army Plaza

    Monday, October 25
    4:00 – 6:00 pm

    Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan (59th Street & 5th Avenue)

    Paying Tribute to Healthcare Workers and Victims of Covid-19

    World Renowned, Italian Sculptor, Sergio Furnari, has created a symbol of hope and love with his gigantic heart made out of 3,000lbs of metal.

    This piece will become a place where people can find emotional and spiritual support. At this time, there is not a single monument dedicated to all the people that suffered from the pandemic.

    “The Heroes Heart Monument” is a simple representation of love, comfort, and passion. Furnari has invested almost $100,000 of his own funds to create this artwork. He was a recipient of the New York City Artist Corps Grant of $5,000.

    The location of the monument is temporary and Sergio Furnari is looking to give it a permanent home somewhere in New York City. This monument will become one of the most photographed artwork in New York City where the spectator can interact with the artwork and become a part of the artwork.

    On Monday, October 25th, 4PM-6PM, Sergio Furnari will bring the heart to Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan (59th Street & 5th Avenue), where he is inviting people to sit and interact/take photos with the monument.

    This is not the first tribute to America’s Heroes. Sergio created the Life Sized “Lunchtime On Top Of A Skyscraper” sculpture of 11 Iron Workers on a beam having lunch, which was inspired by the famous photo of the same name.

    After 9/11, he sat at the footprints of The World Trade Center for months, so that the workers would see the tribute as they took breaks from work and even let them sit on top to take photos and feel recognized.