October 1, 2017 all-day
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    Seward Park
    Essex St, New York, NY 10002

    Second Year

    Sunday, October 1, 2017
    12:00 – 6:00 pm

    @ The Hester Street Fair
    Seward Park @ Essex & Hester

    Info courtesy of their newsletter…and be sure to visit their official site for more info…

    With the Casual Art Fair, The Hester Street Fair & likemindedobjects aim to play with the context of the contemporary art fair, to create an affordable inclusive space for galleries, project spaces, collectives, and experimental design/art brands to gather outdoors in a truly public setting to share their most current excitements, artists, and projects.

    We have a unique group of participants, please read below to learn more about some highlight projects & complete program…


    LikeMindedObjects Artist Loungers installation will allow passerby to relax within their pick of slung fabric and bent aluminum tube lounge chairs LMO made in collaboration with 20 Artists.  The canvas sling pieces were sewn in NY & shipped all over the country & abroad, worked on & returned via mail. Artists Alison Kizu Blair, Andrea Bergart, Annie Bielski, Barf Queen, Christin Ripley, Clay Hickson, Constance Tenvik, Cynthia Chang, Enky Bayar, Francesca Capone, Gretta Johnson, Isabel Wilson, Jordan Johnson, Lil’Deb’sOasis, Mary Eleanor Wallace, Naomi Clark, Nathan Gwynne, Rachel Howe, Sarah Zapata, & Wilder Alison.

    Ariele Max presents a Mini Witness, <<< THE WITNESS is a seasonal event made up of artists, musicians, performers, poets, freaks, activists, writers, etc.  >>> For this Mini Witness there will be performances by Dey, Errmine, & a DJ set by Ariele Max.  There will also be a Wellness & Detox Bar by Other Original, w lemonade stand made by LMO.

    Aria McManus & Raine Trainor will collaborate on their performance and retail project Instinventions, creating one of a kind, often uniquely humorous, wearable items on the spot.

    helper presents a DJ set by sound artist Maria Chavez… the booth will have assorted offerings from Chavez and other artists and musicians, including text drawings by Tania Cross, photograms and ceramics by Nathan Gwynne, pop-up flash tattoo by Erica Kenia, and more…

    Essex Flowers will  be showing Christian Sampson’s globe lamps and small paintings on fabric by Ariel Dill.

    ARTLOVERSNEWYORK . . will be presenting 5 artists who are smack center in the cutting edge vanguard right now: TAYLOR McKIMENS, NICHOLAS STEINDORF, ANTONE KONST, JAMES MILLER, and Paris-based JEAN-BAPTISTE LENGLET aka VDC/VIRTUAL DREAM CENTER . . As well as 2 artists (RIP) who will forever be in the ‘vanguard’: SIMON CERIGO and DAN ASHER. NANCY SMITH will be exhibiting her newest quilt repair project, and ALFREDO MARTINEZ will be showing some of his ad hoc gun pieces and a few of his REAL FAKE BASQUIATS.The booth will be curated by THEO CERIGO, a young curator/collector whose show, ‘Under The Volcano: Simon Cerigo, Dan Asher, Nancy Smith’  –  ‘Paintings from the Lower East Side 80s Art Scene’  . .   a pop-up presented in Chinatown, in the summer of 2015, was met with great interest and acclaim by the newest generation of artists –  to hit the NYC art scene.

    Jenny Hata Blumenfield, a sculptor combining other non-traditional materials with that of ceramic, will have a large scale interactive installation of playful forms that examines associations of the body and vessels. The installation uses ceramic sculptures that were then photographed, digitally printed, and include wood, play and observe your response to challenging the idea of the “object”.

    Cooler Gallery, Deli Gallery, and Slow Youth are coming together in a booth for special showing of new print editions and artist books. Cooler Gallery will be bringing along short-run prints by Chiaozza, Naomi Clark, Camilla Engstrom, Nastia Kobza, Alex Proba, and Alexandria Tarver. Deli Gallery will be showing their new publications for Brook Hsu and Alexandria Tarver. Slow Youth, the zine collective founded by Anthony Cudahy and Ian Lewandowski will be showing their newest publications prepared for the NYABF.

    SomethingHappeningShop, Jordan Johnson’s, Enkyu, Piece NYC, Official Rebrand & More will bring their artist made collections of clothing, every item so special, we can assume unlike anything already in your closet!

    Performances will intertwine all day to exhibit a unique group of performance artists, writers, DJs, & musicians.