Shakespeare Festival at Inwood Hill Park, 2016

    June 8, 2016 – June 25, 2016 all-day
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    Inwood Hill Park
    New York, NY 10034


    Shakespeare Festival at Inwood Hill Park, 2016

    In Inwood Hill Park located in upper Manhattan, produced by the

    Moose Hall Theatre Company

    Inwood Hill Park Penninsula
    Entrances at 218th Street
    & Indian Road, NYC
    And at Isham Street & Seaman Avenue


    June 8 – June 25

    Wednesday thru Saturday

    “Comedy, love and a bit with a dog, that’s what they want” – Henslow from Shakespeare in Love by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard With William Shakespeare’s 400 anniversary in mind, we’re featuring what many believe to be his earliest play; TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA. See star-crossed lovers, cross-dressing, betrayal, intrigue, clowns and a real dog! . . . Comedy with a pastiche of romance, melancholy and a startling conclusion. Directed by Ted Minos. Technical director/Costumes, Catherine Bruce. Music, Luke St. Francis. Fight choreography, Ray A. Rodriguez. Graphic art, Lee Kaplan. Come and be cheered!


    Monday, July 18

    For 2016 we present CHAMBERLAIN BRASS. Founded in 2010 as a friendly brass chamber music ensemble dedicated to serious brass repertoire. They will demonstrate the instruments for the Children and play a variety of wonderful pieces. Children’s Concert Musical Director Gil Dejean, Co-Producer.

    Directions courtesy of the folks at Moose Hall:

    Train Directions:

    The A Train

    • Take the A train to its terminus at 207th street.
    • Exit the station at the North exit.
    • Come above ground at the intersection of Isham Street and Broadway. An easy landmark is the Church of the Good Shepherd on the corner.
    • Proceed West on Isham Street to its terminus at Seaman Avenue.
    • Cross to the Park side of Seaman Avenue.
    • Proceed North to 214th Street.
    • Take a left and proceed down the hill. This street becomes Indian Road.
    • Proceed to the terminus of Indian Road at 218th Street.
    • Entrance to the park is to the left. Follow the road straight back, cross the bridge, pass the Nature Center on your left.
    • Performance area is on the lawn directly ahead.

    The #1 Train

    • Take the #1 Train to 215th Street.
    • Exit the station walk west on 215th Street to its terminus at Broadway.
    • Walk North to 218th Street turn left.
    • Proceed to its terminus, which is the entrance to Inwood Hill Park.
    • Enter the park. Follow the road straight back, cross the bridge, pass the Nature Center on your left.
    • Performance area is on the lawn directly ahead.

    By Car

    Entrance Inwood Hill Park is 218 and Indian Road and Isham Street & Seaman Avenue.
    Northbound- Henry Hudson Parkway
     (9A) (from downtown Manhattan or GW Bridge):
    Take the Dyckman Street exit
    Turn Left at Broadway (2nd light)
    Go to north 218th Street take left
    Proceed west until you reach Inwood Hill Park.

    Southbound Henry Hudson Parkway (9A):

    Take the Dyckman Street exit
    Take Left turn at the end of the ramp.
    Turn Left at Seaman (2nd lifht)
    Proceed north until you reach 218th Street
    Take Left at 218th Street
    Proceed west until you reach Inwood Hill Park

    From Fordham Road/207th Street Bridge:

    Take 207th Street to Seaman Avenue
    Take Right to 218th Street
    Take Left to Inwood Hill Park


    Bx7, Bx20 and M100 to 207th Street & Indian Road


    Un-metered street parking is available
    via fate, faith (any denomination or philosophy) and perseverance.
    There are parking facilities in Inwood. Look up parking facilities Inwood NYC on the internet.