“Roof-Top Joy” (Comedic Drama) By Andrea Fulton

    “Roof-Top Joy” (Comedic Drama) By Andrea Fulton

    September 13-20

    Theater for the New City (Community Theater), 155 First Ave.

    As part of the Theater for the New City Sets Its Sixth Dream Up Festival
    Box office: SMARTTIX (212) 868-4444. – Other info: TNC (212) 254-1109.

    Witiswood and Jah-niece become the keepers of one another’s true identities when they move into a new hoity-toity high rise in downtown Brooklyn, having no idea the demons of their pasts will come to haunt them. It’s a building where nobody is what they seem and our job is to peel away the persona each has carefully constructed. The play looks at the way people construct a public image to achieve wealth and power and escape society’s prophecy for who they should be. With five actors and six musicians; directed by Jared Reinmuth.

    Complete info: http://www.jsnyc.com/season/dreamup_2015/roof-tot.htm