Parade of Tall Ships: Hermione and the Spirit of Lafayette return to the United States of America


    Hermione and the Spirit of Lafayette return to the United States of America in a Grand Tall Ship Parade

    Saturday, July 4

    9:00 am – 3:00 pm

    Beginning south of the Verrazano Bridge, in Brooklyn the Parade will begin and head up to New York Harbor past the Statue of Liberty and onward up the Hudson River (closer to Manhattan Island) as it nears the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. There the participating vessels will turn to port, cross the river and head back down south along the Hudson closer to the New Jersey side of the river.

    Parade vessels will disburse upon approaching Morris Canal on the Jersey side of the river whilst the Hermione will continue to Governor’s Island where it will berth on the Yankee Pier.

    The Marquis de Lafayette and the French Wartime Frigate, Hermione were instrumental in our nation winning its independence.

    Learn more about the Hermione at this special online page dedicated to her.

    Keep in mind that this parade is merely one part of the greater list of events for the Hermione’s visit to NYC taking place from July 1 – July 4.

    Vessels which will be participating include the following:

    • Clipper City, a 158′ Sail
    • Arabella, a 157′ Sail
    • Firefighter II, 140′ Fireboat
    • John J. Harvey, 130′ Fireboat
    • Hayward, 124′ Motor
    • Anthea, 51′ Sail
    • Michael’s Spirit, 50′ Sail
    • Aquarius, 48′ Motor
    • Imagine, 44′ Sail
    • Bellatrix, 42.5′ Sail
    • P’TIT MOUSSE, 42′ Sail
    • Diadem, 42′ Sail
    • ERAUNSIA, 42′ Sail
    • Embellie 5, 40′ Sail
    • Voila, 39′ Sail
    • Shepherd’s Star, 38′ Sail
    • Spirit of 76, 38′ Sail
    • …and numerous others