Opera Company of Brooklyn Presents: Operatic music by Chevalier de Saint-George

    February 28, 2014 – March 1, 2014 all-day
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    132 Odell Clark Place
    New York, NY 10030

    Opera Company of Brooklyn Presents:

    Operatic music by Chevalier de Saint-George

    Friday, February 28, 7:00 pm

    at Abyssinian Baptist Church with SiNGERS, CELLO, GUITAR, PIANO & VIOLIN.

    132 Odell Clark Pl, New York, NY 10030

    209NEW YORK, NY – Opera Company of Brooklyn (OCB) celebrates Black Awareness Month with a special presentation featuring the work of Afro-French composer and conductor, Joseph de Bologne, the Chevalier de Saint-George. Active in the Royal Courts of eighteenth century France, Saint-George was passed up as the leader of the Paris Opera for reasons of race discrimination, however remained active in aristocratic circles, including the court of Marie-Antoinette at Versailles. Saint-George’s other passion, fencing, gave him an audience with the British Royal Family. It was during his time in the UK that he began to notice the presence of anti-slavery movements. Saint-Georges achieved the rank of Captain during the French Revolution, continuing to entertain his compatriots with the composition of his opera ‘Guillaume-Tout-Coeur ou les Amis de village (William-All-Heart or The Village Friends). With his legacy overshadowed by that of Voltaire and Napoleon, we look forward to raising awareness on this key figure in not just early anti-slavery movements, but his imminent role in the musical tapestry of France. OCB will present a musical program of his work at Abyssinian Baptist Church on Friday, February 28th of 2014 at 7pm.

    $15 Students/$25 Adults

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    Presentation on Chevalier; Aubry Bryan, Curator

    Duet: Valcor and Opémon; Tant de constance, tant d’amour
    Aubry Bryan, Tenor; Alonzo Murphy-Johnson, Bass

    Aria: Valcor “Depuis long temps” from L’amant anonyme
    Ivan Rivera, Tenor
    Aria/Song: “O toi”
    Lauren Onsrud, Soprano
    Aria/Song: “La Seule”
    Percy Martinez, Tenor

    Duet: “Saitisfait” from Ernestine

    Lauren Onsrud, Soprano; Ivan Rivera, Tenor
    Ariette: “Oreste au nom de l’amitie” from d’ Iphegenie
    Sarah Gilbert, Soprano

    Aria/Song: “L’autre jour”

    Ivan Amaro, Bass-baritone; Matthew T. Bray, Guitar

    Duet: “C’est donc ainsi qu’on me”

    Sarah Gilbert, Soprano; Percy Martinez, Tenor

    Recitative and Aria: Scena from Ernestine

    Lauren Onsrud, Soprano

    James Besser, Pianist

    Jay Meetze, Music Director and Conductor

    All sheet music graciously provided by Aubry Bryan.

    Box Office opens at 6:30PM.

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