NYC Car Free Day on Earth Day 2022

    NYC Car Free Day on Earth Day 2022

    Saturday, April 23, 2022

    At Various Locales City-wide

    New Yorkled’s looking forward to this event just as it has with past years’ Summer Streets wherein the streets were closed off to traffic. Anyone with a camera should be interested in this as well for the sake of capturing the city’s architecture and life from hard to get angles.

    Following is borrowed from the official page here…

    Car Free Earth Day is an annual car-free event, held the weekend before or after Earth Day. Celebrate the streets with us on Saturday, April 23, from 11 am to 5 pm. Car Free Earth Day takes place throughout the five boroughs – connecting over 100 Open Streets, 22 plazas, and accessing 1,000+ miles of the NYC Bike Network! Environmental programming is offered by City agencies and community organizations along the route to promote activism and education surrounding climate change, sustainability and other relevant topics. NYC DOT is proud to partner with local artists to bring exciting performances to the event.

    NYC DOT events are presented at eight locations:

    • Bronx, Roberto Clemente Plaza, 3rd Avenue, 148th Street to 149th Street
    • Bronx, Southbound Mosholu Parkway, Van Cortlandt Avenue East to Bainbridge Avenue
    • Brooklyn, Tompkins Avenue, Gates Avenue to Halsey Street
    • Manhattan, Avenue B, East 6th Street to East 14th Street
    • Manhattan, Broadway, East 17th Street to West 42nd Street
    • Manhattan, St. Nicholas Avenue, 181st Street to 190th Street
    • Queens, 34th Avenue, 69th Street to 94th Street
    • Staten Island, Minthorne Street, Bay Street to Victory Boulevard