MAS Summit for New York City 2014

    October 23, 2014 – October 24, 2014 all-day
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    242 West 41st Street
    New York, NY 10036


    MAS Summit for New York City 2014

    Now entering its fifth year, the 2014 Summit will focus on the themes of Equity, Place, and Opportunity, addressing the need to create an urban environment that supports economic growth and opportunity while also fostering a sense of place and community. With more than 100 speakers representing a range of civic, cultural, social, and economic sectors from across the city, the country, and the world, the 2014 MAS Summit will offer a dynamic mix of sessions ranging from in-depth panel discussions to Smart Talks. Tickets will sell out, so please guarantee your spot by registering today!


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    Penn 2023: Where Will the Garden Go?
    Last year MAS and the RPA unveiled Penn 2023, a report outlining a bold vision for a new Penn District in West Midtown. This session will cover new ways of thinking about and enhancing the Penn district – including options for a relocated Madison Square Garden – and what these changes could mean for the country’s busiest train station.

    Rewriting the Rules: Policies that Enable Innovation
    The advent of the sharing economy—with the rise of companies such as Airbnb and Uber—has brought into sharp focus the tension between “digital” innovation and “analog” regulation. What can local regulators do to foster popular innovation while safeguarding the public interest?   How are innovators currently addressing cities’ policy concerns?

    Is New York Falling Apart?
    Cities need well maintained and modern infrastructure to thrive and grow yet many are facing hard choices about how to pay for these necessary improvements. What are some new strategies to raise money necessary to keep these systems thriving? How has borrowing money crippled the budgets of our infrastructure agencies, and how will it affect future generations. What are new ideas to address this very real crisis?

    10 Smart Policy Initiatives for New York City
    The de Blasio administration was elected last year on a platform of change, with a mandate to re-balance inequality in the city and ensure broader opportunities for all New Yorkers. In this exciting culmination of the 2014 Summit for New York City, a panel of City officials and other smart New Yorkers will offer their insights on top priorities and ideas for the city in the coming year. The ideas discussed will be submitted by Summit attendees throughout, and inspired by, the course of the two days.

    The Three Greatest Business Cities of the World: How to Keep them Competitive and Make them Affordable
    New York City is one of the most important global centers of capital, a distinction it shares with London and Hong Kong. What trends are we seeing, and what challenges do we need to address, in maintaining our financial leadership? What can we learn from other centers of global capital?