Governors Island to Stay Open Late on Fridays and Saturdays in 2019

    May 24, 2019 all-day
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    Governors Island
    New York, NY 11231
    Shot in June 2018 during the blue hour from Governors Island

    Governors Island Late Fridays and Saturdays

    OH YES!

    Fridays and Saturdays
    May 24 – August 31, 2019
    Open until 10:00 pm

    We got the chance to experience late days at the Island last year and so enamored was I with the whole thing that I went two days in a row. Luckily they were absolutely stunning days! You wouldn’t believe how excited I just got when I discovered that, yep, they’re offering this up so early in the season. Had imagined them not doing this until a bit later but we’ll take it!

    The Ferry leaves from the historic Battery Maritime Building, located at 10 South Street in Lower Manhattan just north of the Staten Island Ferry. It’s a short and cheap ride across the waters.

    If you’re a photographer like yours truly then you’ll really get a kick out of the chance to capture the setting sun as well as the Lower Manhattan skyline during the blue hour and evening. Yes, of course, you can do so on other days when the island’s open to all, but come on! This is a great chance to capture it all under a night sky. I plan to return again, and again and again and again. Will you?

    Visit this page at the official site for Ferry information.

    The photo at the top of this page was taken at the end of the sunset hour as the night sky crept in. We took many photos like this during our visit.

    Below, would be yet another panoramic shot taken there as well as a photo taken in the afternoon.