Fourth Annual World Culture Festival at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Museum-wide Festival at The Met to Celebrate

    Dance Traditions from Around the Globe

    Fourth Annual World Culture Festival at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Saturday, October 26, 2019

    will offer performances, activities, and workshops for all ages

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    On Saturday, October 26, The Metropolitan Museum of Art will host its fourth annual World Culture Festival, with this year’s events and activities centered on the theme of “Dance.” Workshops, performances, puppetry, art making, and more will explore how artists find inspiration and express themselves through movement, and participants of all ages will have the opportunity to experiment with motion. The festival is free with Museum admission, which is pay-as-you-wish for New York State residents as well as students from New Jersey and Connecticut.

    “Each year, The Met’s World Culture Festival welcomes New Yorkers of all backgrounds to celebrate and share their traditions surrounded by inspiring works of art from across time and around the world,” said Sandra Jackson-Dumont, the Frederick P. and Sandra P. Rose Chairman of Education. “The universal power of movement is present in cultures all over the globe. We are excited about this year’s theme of ‘Dance’ and the lineup of incredible workshops, performances, and other experiences that bring art to life in new ways at The Met.”

    Thunderbird American Indian Dancers—the longest-running Native American Dance Company in New York—will perform in the American Wing in observance of Native American Heritage Month; and the nation’s leading Latino dance organization, Ballet Hispánico, will host flamenco and salsa dancing workshops in recognition of Hispanic Heritage month. To celebrate Diwali, The Culture Tree will present a puppet show inspired by Krishna, one of the most widely revered and popular Indian gods. Award-winning movement artist and poet Jahra “Rager” Wasasala will perform God-House (bure kalou), a work that explores the vivid realms related to the artifacts in the exhibition Atea: Nature and Divinity in Polynesia.

    World Culture Festival: Dance! is made possible in part by the E.H.A. Foundation and Tiger Baron Foundation. Additional support is provided by Jody and John Arnhold and Antique Tribal Art Dealers’ Association.


    Space is limited; first come, first served.

    God-House (bure kalou) with Jahra “Rager” Wasasala

    12–12:30 pm, 1–1:30 pm, 2–2:30 pm

    Floor 1, Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, Gallery 359


    Puppet Show: The Colors of Krishna’s Love

    1–1:30 pm, 2–2:30 pm, 3–3:30 pm

    Floor 2, Asian Art, Gallery 206


    Thunderbird American Indian Dancers

    2:30–3 pm, 3:30–4 pm, 4:30–5 pm

    Floor 1, American Wing, Gallery 700



    Meet artists and make art together inspired by The Met collection! Unless otherwise noted, activities are best for ages 3 and up.


    Tap Your Toes

    Explore how to use your body as an instrument by turning your sneakers into tap shoes!

    Ground floor, Carson Family Hall West, Uris Center for Education


    Reimagining Ancient Greek Prizes with Rose Nestler

    Did you know that modern-day trophies are inspired by prizes for ancient Greek games? Make your own trophy with video artist Rose Nestler, who makes oversized, fabric reinterpretations of ancient Greek vessels.

    Ground floor, Carson Family Hall West, Uris Center for Education


    Jingling Jewelry

    Celebrate Diwali by making colorful, acoustic jewelry inspired by artworks in The Met collection.

    Ground floor, Carson Family Hall East, Uris Center for Education


    Dancing with Degas (Best for ages 5 and up)

    Connect science and art by building a basic motor to make a tiny dancer twirl.

    Ground floor, Carson Family Hall East, Uris Center for Education


    Flamenco Dancing Workshop with Ballet Hispánico

    1–1:30 pm (For all ages), 2–2:30 pm (Best for ages 13 and up)

    Express yourself through the empowering dance style of flamenco.

    Ground floor, Bonnie J. Sacerdote Lecture Hall, Uris Center for Education


    Salsa Dancing Workshop with Ballet Hispánico

    3–3:30 pm (For all ages), 4–4:30 pm (Best for ages 13 and up)

    Move to a fun, rhythmic salsa sequence with Ballet Hispánico.

    Ground floor, Bonnie J. Sacerdote Lecture Hall, Uris Center for Education


    Dancing with Lights and Digital Art

    Learn to code and construct wearable circuits, then create digital body sketches with STEM from Dance.

    Ground floor, Studio, Uris Center for Education


    Capoeira Workshop

    12–12:30 pm, 1–1:30 pm, 2–2:30 pm, 3–3:30 pm, 4–4:30 pm

    Learn capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music, with FICA New York.

    Ground floor, Art Study, Uris Center for Education


    Every Body Dances

    Let your body create its own story. Be inspired by works of art from The Met collection and learn basic dance movements and techniques with Infinity Dance Theater. All bodies are encouraged to participate.

    Ground floor, Carroll Classroom, Uris Center for Education


    Wangechi Mutu: From Seat to Feet

    Create animated figures using collage material inspired by The Façade Commission: Wangechi Mutu, The NewOnes, will free Us, and Mutu’s collages.

    Floor 1, Modern and Contemporary, Gallery 399


    Drop-in Drawing with Teens@Graham

    Sketch live dancers as they perform choreography that embodies power. Drawing demonstrations with teaching artists repeat every 30 minutes.

    Floor 1, Egyptian Art, Gallery 131, The Temple of Dendur in The Sackler Wing



    Tot Spot (Best for ages 0–5)

    Play and learn with books, blocks, and more; just for early learners.

    Ground floor, Nolen Library, Uris Center for Education


    Storytime with Miss Nina (Best for ages 3 and up)

    1–1:30 pm, 2–2:30 pm

    “Rap, Rock & Read” during Miss Nina’s signature show! Clap, stomp, shake, dance, wiggle, and sing along during this interactive Storytime.

    Ground floor, Nolen Library, Uris Center for Education


    The cafeteria on the ground floor will also celebrate World Culture Festival. A special menu is available for purchase.

    Large-print and Braille activity schedules and assistive listening devices are available upon request. Sign Language interpretation is available free of charge by request with at least one week’s notice.

    The event will also be featured on the Museum’s FacebookInstagram, and Twitter accounts using the hashtag #MetFest.