Composers Concordance 10th Annual CompCord Festival – ‘Science’

    Composers Concordance 10th Annual CompCord Festival – ‘Science’

    Five eclectic concerts on the theme of Science, premiering the music of more than 50 composers at an array of NYC venues.

    New York, NY – From May 1st to June 4th, Composers Concordance presents its 10th annual festival, entitled ‘Science.’ Five concert programs feature new music compositions inspired by science’s method, modes of inquiry, and breakthrough discoveries in various fields, as well as its celebrated researchers and objects of study. At an array of NYC venues, numerous fun premieres, virtuoso performances, and an eclectic range of styles, presented in quick tandem, remain empirically observable phenomena within the universe of the Composers Concordance series.

    On May 1st at DROM, Composers Concordance presents its 12th Annual Comp-Play-Comp Marathon, Let’s Get Physicists, showcasing more than twenty composer-performers inspired by the science theme. Since many of today’s composers are also great vocalists and instrumentalists, Composers Concordance again calls attention to composers’ exceptional skills as performers of their own distinctive works.

    On May 12th at Kostabi World, Found in Space features new electronic compositions in 5.1 surround sound. Exploring the possibilities of a sonically immersive environment, composers and performers apply technology, sharing what can be gained musically and experientially when one chooses to forego the fourth wall.

    On May 21st at Gallery MC, Cooper’s music trivia riddle to Name Two Chemist-Composers of Georgian Extraction is the basis for a concert and spoken-word send-up to Alexander Borodin and Fletcher Henderson. Featuring the CompCord Ensemble, conducted by Arkady Leytush.

    On May 28th at The Delancey, Heavy Metals spotlights new compositions in the genre as interpreted by the CompCord Metal Ensemble. Bringing music composition to a great NYC rock venue, Composers Concordance again cranks the volume and challenges composers to collaborate via its thematic programming.

    On June 4th at Michiko Studios, Composers Concordance & Entertaining Science present Animal Intelligence. This event features a talk entitled ‘Hey Human! Creating and Maintaining the Bliss of Unconditional Acceptance’ by Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis of Columbia University, with brand new compositions inspired by the topic performed by the CompCord Ensemble.

    The concerts will also be live-streamed on the Composers Concordance Facebook page.