BRIC: The Stoop Series: Into the Loop

    BRIC: The Stoop Series: Into the Loop

    March 4, 2014 · 7:00 PM

    BRIC House Stoop


    Experimental musicians and Art into Music artists Jeff Kurosaki and Tara Pelletier have invited a roster of artist/musicians including Byron Westbrook and Rose Kallal to present an evening that blurs the boundaries of art event, music show and social experience. The artists will investigate the connections of recording and playback methods through music and sound. The communal evening of live performance will be given permanence through special objects that the viewer will take away and that will also be exhibited in the Art Into Music exhibition.

    Kurosaki and Pelletier work within the structure of musical performances and are interested in exploring the participatory nature of music after an event. They see the recorded soundtrack as a document that encourages a relationship to the music which is malleable and personal. “The listener creates their own experience by choosing when and where, and by what circumstances they listen to the music. Thus, the listener develops an ownership over the music; it becomes ‘their’ music” say the artists. Into the Loop is an evening of a live performances with Byron Westbrook and Rose Kallal that follows in a lineage created by the experimental music and ‘scores’ of John Cage, the art rock performances of Laurie Anderson, ambient compositions of Brian Eno, and the guerrilla performance of noise acts such as Lightning Bolt. This unique, time based, live experience will be documented through a screen-printed ticket, object momento, and recording of the soundtrack, and will be given out to each attendee as well as installed in the gallery.

    BRIC’s Stoop Series illuminates the arts and life around us in Brooklyn through artistic performances and presentations, framed by dynamic conversations with some of the city’s most innovative artists, thinkers, and tastemakers.  Programs will explore the performing arts, film, media, visual arts, spoken word, and other creative fields.  Engage with of the most innovative artistic voices in Brooklyn’s ever-expanding cultural scene on the monumental interior stoop of BRIC House, Brooklyn’s new home for the arts in downtown Brooklyn.  Free, on most Tuesday nights.