“Baby’s Breath” (Play) By Jeana Scotti

    “Baby’s Breath” (Play) By Jeana Scotti

    September 1 to 5

    Producers’ Club Theaters, 358 West 44th Street.

    As part of the Theater for the New City Sets Its Sixth Dream Up Festival
    Box office: SMARTTIX (212) 868-4444. – Other info: TNC (212) 254-1109.

    Beatrice is pregnant, but the baby is growing inside of her lung, sucking in air with each breath she takes. The unborn baby takes Beatrice, her roommate, the baby’s unsupportive father and an obsessive shoe salesman on a journey of life, breath and selflessness. The baby becomes a catalyst that triggers self-reflection and causes each character to change in some way and reassess their lives. The title is a floral metaphor: the baby is in the background, much like the baby’s breath plant that serves as a backdrop to a bouquet of flowers, but is nonetheless subtly guiding the actions of those surrounding it. Cast of five.

    Complete info: http://www.jsnyc.com/season/dreamup_2015/baby’sbt.htm