A Very Special Afternoon with Julie Budd at the American Popular Song Society

    Save the Date:

    A Very Special Afternoon with

    Julie Budd

    (and a very special surprise Guest) at the American Popular Song Society

    Saturday, January 9, 2016

    Doors open at 12:30 for those who want to buy sheet music Also members can take tables and sell their stuff.  2:30 -1:30 “Flea Market” 1:30 seating – showtime: 1:45 – 3:30.

    American Popular Song may not be rock, but thousands of rock songs are popular song. It is not country, but the biggest country hits usually become popular song. These are the standards, the songs you know, the songs you’ve forgotten but remember immediately when you hear the chorus.

    Welcome back to another great event of our Society! We hope you all had a wonderful  time earlier this month with Ben Yagoda and The B Side: The Death of Tin Pan Alley and the Rebirth of the Great American Song produced by Tom Toce. Now we are preparing for our January event. Aren’t we fortunate that Julie Budd is going to spend a very special afternoon (with a very special surprise guest!)? This will be a  program truly not to be missed.

    Times change and so is American Popular Song Society (formerly The New York Sheet Music Society), and if we are to attract the next generation of members, the new name will help us do this. Over the years, we have concentrated more on our programs and entertainment and less about collecting sheet music.

    We do not in any way want to erase 35+ years of our great history and our new website www.americanpopularsongsociety.org will have our past newsletters, great guests and programs. We are looking forward to an exciting season ahead as we move into the future!  Linda Amiel Burns, President

    JULIE BUDD is one of the most exciting singers in music today. Since her career began, she has appeared on some of the most prestigious stages in the world and alongside some of the most illustrious stars in performance history. This unique experience coupled with her own dazzling musical gifts, provide Julie with the rare opportunity of bringing something fresh and something legendary to every song she sings. Julie brings heart to her music, making her the quintessential singer of our day; and earning Julie, her very own Musical Legacy.
    Produced by Richard Skipper, musical direction by Herb Bernstein.
    Free to members. (You should join!) Guests $15 at the door.