40th Annual Battery Dance Festival from NYC’s Battery Dance

    40th Annual Battery Dance Festival from NYC’s Battery Dance

    August 15-20, 2021

    Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park, New York City

    Battery Dance announces the companies that will be featured in the 40th Annual Battery Dance Festival with 16 international dance films from 14 countries from August 12-14 and in-person performances by 38 companies from August 15-20, 2021, at 7pm ET at Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park, New York City that will also be live-streamed. For more information, visit https://batterydance.org/battery-dance-festival/.

    Battery Dance Festival, New York City’s longest-running free public dance festival, was established by Battery Dance as the Downtown Dance Festival in 1982. It normally draws audiences of approximately 2,000 people each night. The Festival went virtual last summer, attracting 30,000 viewers across 206 countries. This summer, it will run as a hybrid model with 6 nights of staged performances for in-person and live-streamed audiences, preceded by 3 nights of virtual performances by international artists.

    “Dancing in the open air, with the river and sky in the background, is always a blissful Battery Dance Festival experience,” said Jonathan Hollander, President and Artistic Director, Battery Dance Company & Dancing to Connect. “This year, it will be even more exhilarating as people come out of isolation to witness the entrancing performances at Wagner Park. Before the action starts on stage, three nights of truly riveting dance films from many corners of the globe will be screened. Creativity was running high during the pandemic, and we have harvested a heady mix from voguing on a mountaintop in Lebanon to swing dancing in South Korea; commedia dell’arte in Mexico to birdlike flocking in the Netherlands.”

    International Dance Film Festival, ONLINE ONLY, at 7pm ET
    August 12, 2021
    Introdans (The Netherlands)
    Dance Troupe Braveman (South Korea)
    Chilaquiles Rojos Colectivo (Mexico)
    Nantea Dance Company (Tanzania)
    Boca Tuya / Omar Román De Jesús (Puerto Rico/NYC)

    August 13, 2021
    Team AJC (South Korea)
    Jiva Velázquez (Paraguay)
    Bollwerkfilm (Switzerland)
    Arabesque Vietnam (Vietnam)
    Australian Dance Theatre (Australia)

    August 14, 2021
    Chenglong Tang (China)
    Jill Crovisier (Luxembourg)
    Abhilash Ningappa (India)
    Dancing Earth Creations (United States)
    Hoedy Saad (Lebanon)
    Massala Company (France)

    In-Person and Live-streamed Festival Performances at 7pm ET
    August 15, 2021 – India Day
    KATHAK: Parul Shah Dance Company featuring Parul Shah, Mohip Joarder
    with guest artist, Jin Won (two duets including “Yugal” by Kumudini
    Lakhia and a world premiere choreographed by Parul Shah)
    BHARATANATYAM: Kasi Aysola & SaiSantosh Radhakrishnan (world premiere
    choreographed by Kasi Aysola)
    KUCHIPUDI: Traditional Solo by Swathi Gundapuneedi-Atluri
    BHARATANATYAM: Choreographer Maya Kulkarni presents two world premieres
    featuring Mesma Belsare, Aishwarya Medhav and Aishwarya Sriram
    MUSICAL INTERLUDES: Eventually Epic with Sachin Premasuthan and Debarun
    SUTRADHAR (Narrator): Rajika Puri

    August 16, 2021 – Young Voices in Dance
    Kate Louissaint & Nhyira Asante
    Imani Gaudin
    Spencer Everett & Isabella Aldridge
    Brian Golden
    Ramya Durvasula
    Lily Summer Gee
    Grace Yi-Li Tong
    Kanyok Arts Initiative

    August 17, 2021
    Luke Hickey
    Graciano Dance Projects
    Company | E
    Baye & Asa
    Rohan Bhargava/Rovaco Dance Company
    Jon Lehrer Dance Company

    August 18, 2021
    Dancing Wheels
    Will Ervin – Erv Works Dance
    Demi Remick & Dancers
    Battery Dance
    William Byram

    August 19, 2021
    CHR Project
    Christian Warner
    Jamal Jackson Dance Company
    New York Theatre Ballet
    Akira Uchida, Maddy Wright, Joshua Strmic
    Christopher Williams
    Dolly Sfeir
    Battery Dance

    August 20, 2021
    Flamenco Vivo II
    Ohiole Dibua
    Ballet Nepantla
    Galletto y Guzmán
    Beatrice Capote
    Battery Dance

    Battery Dance created its outdoor festival in 1982, engaging with its home community of lower Manhattan where it has been based since its founding in 1976. As one of America’s leading cultural ambassadors, Battery Dance connects the world through dance. The Company pursues artistic excellence and social relevance by creating vibrant new works, performing on the world’s stages, presenting dance in public spaces, serving the field of dance and teaching people of all ages with special attention to the disadvantaged and areas of conflict. Battery Dance is committed to enhancing the cultural vibrancy of its home community in New York City, extending programming throughout the U.S., and building bridges worldwide through international cultural exchange with programs in 70 countries to date. www.batterydance.org