“4 Wars” (Play) By Mark Farnen

    “4 Wars” (Play) By Mark Farnen

    September 13 to 20

    Theater for the New City (Johnson Theater), 155 First Ave.

    As part of the Theater for the New City Sets Its Sixth Dream Up Festival

    Box office: SMARTTIX (212) 868-4444. – Other info: TNC (212) 254-1109.

    Concrete Timbre, a composer-driven performance collective, provides an interdisciplinary journey back to four scenes in the year 1968, revealing the unrest that exploded across the world. In Poland, a young woman tries to convince her parents to let her take part in the student protests. In Czechoslovakia, Alexander Dubcek defends Brezhnev and enacts social changes. We then experience the life of a young protester in the midst of the Tlatelolco massacre in Mexico. Finally, a group of Yippies in the East Village try to determine their next move the day after Nixon wins the Presidency. Their stories cover themes of hope, occupation, violence and finding a way to rise from the ashes. The work features contemporary classical music with electronics and world music elements. Directed by Ann Warren.

    Complete info: http://www.jsnyc.com/season/dreamup_2015/4warsxxt.htm