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Luis Diaz

Luis is a die-hard New York City native who's happily gone about his love/hate relationship with the city all his life. Yet despite the virtual ball and chain that’s kept him tethered to the Big Apple there’s always been the undeniably irrefutable fact that deep down inside, he truly loves his city. Aside from being an aspiring writer, Luis is also a photographer who loves the lens. His subject of choice, above and beyond his standard choices of landscapes and architecture, would be the night; that is, capturing the city lights as they light up the shadows of the evening. He's striven for years to perfect the results of his photographic endeavors through better gear and technique. You can catch some of his work throughout the photo galleries of New Yorkled as well as at his Flickr page here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/new-yorkled/ Should you wish to reach to him then you can email him at: ny (at) newyorkled.com. You can also reach out to: New Yorkled Magazine c/o Luis Diaz PO Box 610110 Bronx, NY 10461

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